Enjoy with DSL and REST
If you followed the Start Gemini and ZeroCodePlatform section Gemini has already configured its internal structures and has created the schema/RUNTIME.at abstract type file in the working directory.
If you followed the Gemini as Dependency section you can use your custom module schemas file (inside Java resources folder), for example: schemas/CUSTOMMODULE.at


Now you can customize the runtime file (or your custom module schema file) with all your entities by using the Gemini DSL. Then restart the application to see your APIs in action. Gemini automatically recognize what you have added/modified. For example:


If you want to easily navigate APIs you can use the Swagger openapi tools. Gemini automatically generate the openapi json file openapi/schema/runtime.json. For example you can navigate the Book and Author sections.
Note that entity can be consumed both by their logical key and by the unique UUID generated when you create a resource with POST
If you want customize openapi information you can change the autogenerated default properties of ./service/info.yml . Than restart Gemini to make changes working.
Last modified 2yr ago
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