Environment Setup (Docker)


NB: If you don't want to use Docker you need the following tools in your machine
    Postgresql 11+
    Java 10+
    Gradle 5+

Docker Development Environment

Start docker services is simple, docker compose works for you for all the volumes, services and variables mapping.
# from gemini project root (you can find on Github)
$ cd docker/dev
$ docker-compose up -d
# Environment is now ready
# goto - PgAdmin
# goto - SwaggerUI
# follow instruction below to Start Gemini
Inside the docker/dev/ directory you have the docker-compose configuration and a real working directory environment that you can use or modify. The default environment has the following services:
    Postgresql 11+ database
      port=5432 - dbname=gemini - user=gemini - pwd=gemini
      Spring wd/application.properties already uses previous parameters
    PgAdmin to have a full control of postgres server
      Exposed on port 8081 (
      Login Username and Password are both gemini
      The Gemini - Docker server configuration is provided out of the box just type the gemini password the first time
    Swagger UI to consume the Gemini APIs
      Available on port 8082 (
      Gemini autogenerated openapi definitions are automatically loaded where:
        ALL definition lists all the Gemini resources (also metadata and core resources)
        RUNTIME definiton lists only the resurces defined in the RUNTIME.at DSL file
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