Gemini Overview
Gemini is a Model Driven REST framework that automatically generate CRUD APIs with zero code generation.
Gemini is an under development framework that need support from the community (feedback, improvements and criticism). If you like the idea and the project approach please try it and put a star on Github. With Docker you can setup a full environment it in minutes.
Gemini is Model Driven REST framework that automatically create CRUD REST APIs from scratch starting from a simple Schema definition called Gemini DSL. Briefly with Gemini you only need to define your Model Structure and let the framework to handle for you (without generating code):
    Data Storage: creating all persistence stuff (tables, relations and so on)
    API controllers: creating common REST CRUD controllers for each DSL Entity
    Swagger API documentation: creating the openapi language-agnostic interface to RESTful APIs
    Authentication: by using Spring OAuth2 and JWT tokens
GEMINI doesn't generate code
This is the main difference versus other framework
And if you want custom logic or change default CRUD behaviors you can register:
    API events and callback: to add business logic with ease
    Completely custom code
      REST Controllers
      You can use Spring as you want
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