Gemini Overview

Cloud Native and Low Code Platform to create FullStack web Admin applications in minutes

Gemini can be described as a framework or a platform composed of backend and frontend modules, that you can mix together to build APIs and Full Web (Admin) Applications.

Each module comes with LowCode features that are designed for Developers and Engineering Managers. This means that you can save a lot of time avoiding repetitive tasks on common stuffs, concentrating only in what matters adding value to your product or project. Backend Controllers and Frontend components are fully customizable allowing you to add your own code.

Gemini is built on top of enterprise and production ready frameworks and languages like Micronaut (Java), React (Typescript) and Antd components.

It simply adds some standards and conventions to build APIs, frontend components and full Single Page Applications leveraging the power of Cloud Native approach, microservices and microfrontends.

The Idea

The idea is really simple, we start from a schema and some configurations letting Gemini do the REST and the GUI.

✨ Features & Technologies

  • Low Code REST API generator

    • Basic CRUD operations (with pagination for big entities)

    • Advanced APIS: filter / count /search

    • Cloud Native and Serverless ready with Micronaut and GraalVM

    • Low code data storage drivers (define the schema and forget about anything else)

    • Customizable data drivers, for specific and custom use cases

  • Full React Admin Single Page Application

    • Enterprise-class Antd React components and design

    • Low Code ready to use Admin Web App

    • Fully customizable with your own code and components

  • Low code Full Stack React Components

    • Enterprise-class Antd components (Tables, Forms, etc...)

    • Ready to use in your existing projects and React APPs

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