Getting Started

Getting started with the backend module is really simple. Use one the starters and follow the tutorial in the official repository to explore its features.

pageREST API - Micronaut MongoDB

Gemini platform is under development. Full production ready features are reserved to companies that collaborates with the project or are interested to use the platform and need professional support.

Professional and Enterprise use cases usually requires to implement custom drivers, or to combine gemini packages in order to create a full and stable production service.

Source Code

Gemini Micronaut (the backend module) is made of different packages that you can combine together accordingly to your needs. It is an open source project that you can find and explore here.

For example you can use the out of the box data drivers or write your own code to store data where and how you want.

  • core is the main part of the framework, that implements the REST APIs common interface and loads the DDD schema

  • auth to add authentication to the APIs

  • gcp-firebase driver to store API data by using firebase

  • mongodb driver to store API data by using MongoDB

  • adminspa simple package that provide an easy schema to build a full Admin APP backend (menus, settings, users, and so on..)

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