Gemini Docs

Use cases & Benefits

Gemini is useful for a lot of different cases. You can use the platform both for internal tools and also to create powerful APIs and MVPs.


For Companies and Engineering Managers

  • Lowcode platform to create enterprise level MVPs with less time and resources
  • Create enterprise level BackOffice Web Application in less time and efforts
    • For Internal usage (Admin Panels, Services Configuration, etc.)
    • For your clients, with ready to use full stack components
  • Migration from the Monolith to Cloud Native micro services and micro frontends in a standard and common way around the company teams
  • Expose APIs and services around the company and teams

For Developers

  • Lowcode features and components designed to avoid repetitive and boring tasks, letting concentrate only on code that matters and with more value
  • Integrate full stack enterprise data components (tables, forms, etc..) in existing web applications
  • Help to define a common REST interface for your services
  • Expose your data with solid REST APIs & OAuth2 without writing (boring interface code)

Who is using

AI Technologies

​AI Technologies uses Gemini both for internal tools and in production to handle different parts of its Virtual Assistant Platform and machine learning experiments.