🎯Use cases & Benefits

Gemini is useful for a lot of different cases. You can use the platform both for internal tools and also to create powerful APIs and MVPs.


For Companies and Engineering Managers

  • Lowcode platform to create enterprise level MVPs with less time and resources

  • Create enterprise level BackOffice Web Application in less time and efforts

    • For Internal usage (Admin Panels, Services Configuration, etc.)

    • For your clients, with ready to use full stack components

  • Migration from the Monolith to Cloud Native micro services and micro frontends in a standard and common way around the company teams

  • Expose APIs and services around the company and teams

For Developers

  • Lowcode features and components designed to avoid repetitive and boring tasks, letting concentrate only on code that matters and with more value

  • Integrate full stack enterprise data components (tables, forms, etc..) in existing web applications

  • Help to define a common REST interface for your services

  • Expose your data with solid REST APIs & OAuth2 without writing (boring interface code)

Who is using

AI Technologies

AI Technologies uses Gemini both for internal tools and in production to handle different parts of its Virtual Assistant Platform and machine learning experiments.

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